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Shiraz is a Dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm.

Since 2019, she holds a bachelor's in dance performance from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts.

In her choreographic work, she is engaging with common pop references and stage conventions as a foundation for abstraction and absurdity to emerge. Through these elements, she seeks to play with the spectator’s perception and preconceived ideas regarding conventional and contemporary dance.

Shiraz's own work has been performed in Sweden, France, and Israel and she has taken part in different creations and performances in these countries. She is currently working on her next project 'TISSLA' in collaboration with Théâtre Aloual, which will premiere in summer 2022. 

Previously, Shiraz has performed in pieces by Stina Nyberg, Lea Moro, Eleanor Bauer, Ma’ayan Danoch, Thierry Morel, and Hanah Krebs.

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