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Shiraz Amar is an independent contemporary dancer and choreographer working in Europe.
She was born in Jerusalem and speaks fluently French, English, and Hebrew.

Since 2019 she holds B.A. in Dance Performance from Stockholm University of the Arts, DOCH, with the support of scholarships from 'The Anders Sandrews' and 'Gålöstiftelsen’ Foundations.

Her Dance-Theater performance 'Breath in the Wild' has gained recognition in Sweden and was included in the DANSISTAN repertoire in 2022, which focuses on children’s performances.
The performance continues to tour nationally in Stockholm County, Västra Götaland, and the Skåne region in Sweden.



Current work:
In Belgium 2022-23, Shiraz is participating as a performer in the duet 'Shiraz je recommence and the unknown Pyropoet' collaborating with Elik Niv (Sasha Waltz) & Pietro Quadrino (Troubleyn/Jan Fabre), set to premiere at 'Le Festival Ô Chapô' in Sep 2024, Jodoigne (BE).

In France 2022-23, She recently created a performance titled 'Be(com)’.In collaboration with a local group of women, the performance combines dance and live painting to explore the theme of femininity.The show premiered in Jan 2023 at CC Yves Furet, La Souterraine.

In 2023, Shiraz was invited to create 'It's Temporary' for the Festival of Young Creators in Petah Tikva, (ISRL) with a premiere scheduled for February 2023.

Additionally, she teaches movement at “HaDerech” Theater School in Givataim (ISRL) and designs movements for Theater performances.

In her choreographic work, she seeks to bring contemporary dance closer to the general public. She does so by mixing experimental dance methods with traditional ones,engaging with pop references and stage conventions as a foundation for abstraction and absurdity to emerge. Through her work, she seeks to challenge preconceived ideas about contemporary dance.

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