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Breath in the Wild

What is dance? Dance can be anything, as well as three dancing tents

Something we've never seen! Tents that dance, tents that move, tents that float and hug, tents that frolic, tents that are sad and happy - to the beat of disco music. It's exciting and crazy - here it's allowed to laugh, comment and move.

Breath in the Wild is a contemporary dance performance that invites both young and adults on an absurd movement journey of transformation. What exactly is a dancing body? And how can we perceive different objects moving in a human pattern with imaginative shapes. Through comedy and popular culture, the dance performance plays with how the audience perceives things. The tent's movements attract the children's audience to comment and laugh - an exciting and slightly scary experience. Are they animals, monsters, humans, Martians, insects – or what? It is free for the imagination. And that is liberating.

Children commented: “It looked great and I had fun!” "It was funny that they fought and fell over" "It's not every day you see dancing tents" "Can you do this again?!"

Teacher at Dansmässan 2019 “… it was a joy to see the children's reactions to something they had never seen. Everything from "- huh, can you do that?", to giggles, jerks of legs and arms, and all the wild comments about what is happening on stage, a kind of liberation..."

Choreography & production: Shiraz Amar

On stage: Love Andersson, Klara Sjöblom and Jennie Berglsi.

Music: C+C Music Factory ft. Freedom Williams, Bee Gees,

Photos: Nils Gunnars Administration: Anställningskooperativet Interim kultur Interim culture

Breath in the wild was selected to be part of Danistan's repertoire (dance in Stockholm city and county) for the years 2023 & 2024.

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