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"She whispers in the folds of the night..."

Music: Yasmine Hamdan feat. Acid Arb

Jean Dubuffet, the one who rejects the canons of art and the respected ideas of the Academy, says: “to dance is the end word of living and it is also by dancing oneself that one can only know anything: one must approach while dancing.” Jean Dubuffet

The Aloual Theater invites a Contemporary Choreographer-Dancer , to join a Physical Theater Actress, for a creation inspired by the work of The Painter and its Metamorphoses of landscape, beings and states of emotions.

They dance the red, sublime the yellow, fall into a black, swirl in green, scream blue, roll in graffiti, like the characters of Jean Dubuffet, sort of spontaneous raw choreographic sketches born from a feeling, from a story that whispers in the folds of the night, when the spirit runs away like a fool, facing bursts of phantasmagoria, where one thinks hearing in these whispers of theater, a parable, intimate like a Chekhov’s play, or like an insolent melody “full of noise and fury and which means nothing”.

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