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“Dancing is the last word in life. In dancing one draws nearer to oneself.” is an interdisciplinary performance which merges live painting on stage together with Dance and Theater. The work takes inspiration from the cutting-edge paintings of Jean Dubuffet, which founded the art movement "Art Brut”. The movement rejected traditional esthetic norms of its time, advocating for more authentic and humanistic approach to image making. The performance investigates what would "Danse Brut" could be, examining representations of femininity in today’s aesthetic standards, particularly in this epoch dominated by social media influences. The performance was inspired from a collaboration with a local group of women who were part of the choreographic research. Together with them, the performers attempt to break free from the shackles of the female-patriarchal and feminist stereotypes and search for inner authenticity, in a social matrix that excessively glorify external appearance.

La Creuse, France 2023 Choreography: Shiraz Amar Director: Thierry Morel Performance: Shiraz Dagan, Shiraz Amar, Nolan Vittu. Guest performance: Charlotte Bienvenu, Marie Schabatt, Sophie Kor, Marion Ducourtioux, Adèle Mallard, Marion Castagne. Production: Theatre Aloual With the support of Magnac La valle commune and Centre Culturelle Yves Furret.


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